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The Most Common Annoying Question We Get

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Standard preface for this category: we love our customers – 99% percent of them we welcome as personal friends and enjoy getting to know – you’re the reason we like coming to work every day; and the other 1%, we thank you for helping us to pay our bills – but there’s always some interesting interactions that make us cringe and laugh simultaneously and are fun to share.

Compared to big-box shops, we’ve got a pretty tight selection – about 550 well-chosen SKUs – and obvioiusly we can’t stock every wine there is (though we’re happy to special oder anything), so we get a fair amount of people asking for a wine (usually something they can find floor-stacked at any supermarket, but occasionally something obscure) that we don’t have on the shelves. Our standard reply is that we don’t currently have it, but if it’s available in WI we’ll be happy to bring it in for them, as little as one bottle.  Often their response is “Well, do you know where I can get it?” Um…no. And then they get mad at us. Sorry, but we don’t and can’t keep track of every other retailer’s inventory; if we did, we’d have no time to run our own business and best serve our own customers. I file the people who ask this question under the “well-meaning-but clueless” category.